About Pr. P Joyson பாஸ்டர் P ஜாய்சன்

Pastor P. Joyson was born in a Hindu family at Thiruvalla- located in central Kerala. His parents raised him to be highly religious, affiliated to idol worship and reading religious books.

However, at the age of nineteen, after a college education, he was seized by a thirst to develop a personal relationship with God. Pursuing this desire, he began to pray earnestly to be able to hear the voice of God. In 1969, he was blessed with the divine experience of having the Living God speak to him. He heard the Voice tell him that Jesus was the only Saviour. Deeply convicted, he accepted the Lord as his personal saviour and became a New Creation. Due to his new found faith, he was forced to leave home and everyone he loved. However, the Lord was faithful to him and annointed him- calling him to do His work. In 1972, Pastor Joyson set foot in Kanyakumari as a stranger, completely ignorant about the customs, way of life, culture and the language of the people living there.

Even there, in an unknown land, the Lord was his refuge and fortress. The Lord brought spiritual leaders like Pr. J. Lazarus, Pr. N. Thomas, Pr. John Rose etc. into his life. They tutored him in sound doctorine and imparted much of their practical knowlege to him.

At present, purely by the grace of God, he works for the Kingdom as a leading pastor in the Full Gospel Pentecostal Church. God is using him mightily in the Nagercoil division. To God be the glory, great things He has done.

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